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Worms Cathedral of St. Peter

Ein Silent witness to history and THE landmark of the city For quite a few people in Worms, the sight of Worms Cathedral St. Peter from a distance means that you are at home. In fact, the roughly 1,000-year-old building dominates the cityscape when approached from three directions. Only when approaching the city from the […]

Worms local recreation area Grove

In the south of the city lies the Worms City Park, which can also be easily reached via the Rhine promenade. The area is 28 hectares in size. Small parks similar to a forest have given the park its colloquial name, the Wormser Wäldchen. In addition to the countless promenades, a varied playground invites families […]

Worms West: Herrnsheim Castle and Castle Park

Herrnsheim Castle and its romantic, dreamy park are always worth a visit. While the park is freely accessible, a guided tour is required for a look inside the castle. The castle is located at the northern end of the district of Herrnsheim, which is characterised by viticulture. The castle in turn stands on the remains […]

Worms Rhine promenade

There are certainly towns on the Rhine that have a much longer promenade, but the promenade on the banks of the Rhine, bordered by harbour facilities, invites you to take a leisurely stroll and relax. Varied gastronomy (the home-brewed beer of the Hagenbräu restaurant is definitely worth a sip), the romantically picturesque planting, the view […]

Sculpture trail in Worms Abenheim

At the beginning sits a singing rabbit! He looks at you with alert eyes, as if, like the white rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”, he wants to invite his viewer to follow him into his wonderland, which is located in the middle of the vineyards on the eastern edge of Abenheim. The wonderland goes by […]

The city of Worms and the Jewish UNESCO World Heritage

It has been official since 27 July 2021. The historical heritage of the Jewish communities in the cities of Worms, Speyer and Mainz has been part of the Unseco World Heritage since then. Under the name SchUM, the three cities joined forces many years ago to be included in the coveted list. It is not […]

The Luther dossier in Worms

Two days in Worms that changed the world  A compact summary of the Martin Luther thriller Worms has an eventful historical past. As early as 5,000 BC, the climatically favoured area was settled by the Celts. Around 35 BC, the Romans finally found their way here and brought more than just wine to Rheinhessen. With […]

Weinstadt Worms – The wine heart of Rheinhessen

Worms and wine are two that are inextricably linked, and not just because they share the same initial. When about 50 BC. When the Romans first arrived in the area that is now Worms, they not only provided the first urban structures, but also brought the wine with them. Since transporting the popular drink was […]