Worms local recreation area Grove

In the south of the city lies the Worms City Park, which can also be easily reached via the Rhine promenade. The area is 28 hectares in size. Small parks similar to a forest have given the park its colloquial name, the Wormser Wäldchen. In addition to the countless promenades, a varied playground invites families to linger at the entrance to the Wäldchen. There is also a small skate park for young sports enthusiasts. The pretty Worms Zoo is also part of the grove.

If you are on your way to the Nibelungen Festival, you may pass two benches that have a celebrity donor. When Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, the son of Uwe Ochsenknecht, starred in the play “Siegfried’s Heirs” at the Nibelungen Festival in 2018, the young star did not miss the opportunity to donate two park benches for the idyllic city park, which stands at the foot of the Äschebuckel, the highest elevation in the Wormser Wäldchen. He discovered his love for the idyllic city park during his morning jogs and when walking his dogs.

Once a year, by the way, the area in front of the aforementioned Äschebuckel is transformed into an impressive medieval market. Traditionally, on Ascension Day weekend, the “Spectaculum” invites visitors to a colourful journey into the Middle Ages. Numerous dressed-up people offer their wares for sale, while a multi-faceted concert programme entices visitors on two stages and typical medieval delicacies tempt them to feast at the snack stalls. Of course, you don’t have to miss out on a bratwurst. A glass or two of mead goes without saying. Musically, the stage programme ranges from classical minstrel singing to modern interpretations of medieval rock.


The „Spectaculum“ is considered the largest and most beautiful medieval market in southwest Germany. After it had to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona, it is firmly back on the calendar of the city of Worms for 2022.

Worms Zoo

The small but exquisite zoo is a paradise for numerous animals and, of course, for the guests. The enclosures are, of course, designed to be species-appropriate. The main focus is on native animals, so the wild boars in their huge enclosure are just as much a visitor favourite as the foxes or sturdy plough horses.

The absolute top favourites, however, are probably the North American meerkats, closely followed by the curious calicoes, which are also happy to pose for a photo together with the visitor. In the Australia enclosure, on the other hand, you may find a kangaroo hopping across your path or the parrots sailing around your ears.

An inclusive playground and a café with a pond complete the excursion into the small animal kingdom.





If you move further south in the grove, you will eventually come across a huge open space, the Bürgerweide. The Bürgerweide has a total size of 70 ha and is actually a natural floodplain of the Rhine.

The pasture is hugged by a well-maintained path that is about 2.5 kilometres long and is especially popular with joggers and skaters. On the pasture itself is the playing field of the Worms Cannibals baseball club. The adjacent meadow is often used by Wormsers for picnics or joint sports during the warm months.



Wormser Sandbank

The Wormser Wäldchen is bordered by a small car park in the south. Cycle paths lead from there to the further south of Rhineland-Palatinate towards Bobenheim-Roxheim and finally Ludwigshafen. A footpath towards the Rhine leads visitors to the so-called sandbank. The name is a little misleading, as it is actually a gravel and shell beach. On sunny days, the approximately 1-kilometre-long Rhine beach attracts many people to the water and seek refreshment in the cold water. But be careful, because the Rhine has a strong current and whirlpools, and is also very busy.

Although barbecuing is not officially allowed there, many people combine their short holiday on the Rhine with a few freshly grilled sausages and a well-chilled beer. Unfortunately, it happens time and again that visitors leave their rubbish on the spot afterwards. This is not only aesthetically very unpleasant, but also simply disrespectful towards nature and other people, especially as this area is a nature reserve. So please, dear potential visitors: There is nothing wrong with having a good time in a beautiful landscape. But always remember to take the rubbish back with you or dispose of it properly in a rubbish bin!